Why form the RLC of Colorado?

Its an exciting time to be a Republican.  Americans have called on the Republican Party to return to it’s basic principles of protecting liberty, promoting individual responsibility and confining government to its constitutionally mandated duties.

Limited government is always undermined by those in both major political parties who seek to eliminate our choice as consumers, to sacrifice our liberties and to invade our personal lives.  There are many in both parties who recklessly spend tax money and borrowed funds to curry favor with narrow interests and to protect entrenched establishments.

That’s why a group of concerned Republicans have decided to form the Republicans Liberty Caucus of Colorado.  At a time when so much new energy has infused the Republican party we, who stand for liberty and against more spending, have an opportunity to transform the party and our government. But we must organize to win in the electoral system.

As a state chapter of the national Republican Liberty Caucus, we represent a growing movement within the Republican Party that is dedicated to limited government, fiscal sanity, the rule of law and the freedom to choose.

The Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado will promote these values by:
  • Working within the State Republican Party and with conservative organizations to identify, recruit and support candidates for state and local government who hold to our principles.
  • Monitoring legislative activity to make elected Republican accountable to the principles on which they campaigned.
  • Encouraging our members to participate in the Republican party organization and promoting membership in RLC among party leadership.

This can be a time of growth and renewal for the Republican Party.  Many unaffiliated voters and disaffected republicans share the values of Republican Liberty Caucus but have had very few elected officials to speak on their behalf.  Through our efforts, we will provide them with a political home and make their voices  heard.   We hope you’ll join us!

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