“Liberty is Popular” among Republican caucus goers.

Republicans who plan on attending the  March 4th precinct caucus are united on three core principles; personal freedom,  fiscal conservatism, and federalism according a straw poll conducted by the Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado.  Over 400 respondents who plan on attending caucus answered our unscientific and non-predictive straw poll.  The purpose of this fun poll was to encourage voters to register as Republicans in time to participate in the Republican Party Caucuses and educate Republicans on how to advance liberty through the caucus process.


While participants are split among their choice for candidates, it is clear that Republicans across the ideological spectrum are united on three core principles.  First they want to be free.  80% want the party platform to affirm the 4th amendment and reign in the NSA.  84% want a Governor who will maximize personal freedom in Colorado.  90%! want a US Senator who will protect our rights.

Secondly they want fiscal conservatism.   73% want the party platform to call for an audit of the Federal Reserve.  79% want a governor who will reduce spending and keep taxes low. 85% rank spending and the budget as a “Very Important” factor in their decision which candidate to support for Senate.

Finally they want Federalism, with the states and the federal government operating in their appropriate spheres.  82% of would be caucus goers are looking for a Governor who will defend Colorado from Federal encroachment.  While 81% want the party to call for overturning Common Core and return responsibility for education to the states.

Other issues were ranked as less important than “Beating the Democrat” (55%).  45% want to see a Constitutional convention, 44% rank eliminating sanctuary cites and enforcing immigration laws as very important.  While taking a stand for a strong foreign policy is very important to 38% of poll takers, preserving traditional family values gets 37% of that vote.

Going to Caucus

Only 60% of caucus goers plan on becoming delegates to their county conventions and the state assembly.  These meetings are where the rubber hits the road for determining who will be on the Republican Primary ballot.  Those who do not plan on becoming delegates either place outsized importance on a public relations poll or aren’t familiar with the process.

Similarly more than 80% want to amend the party platform while fewer than one in five plan on carrying a resolution to do so.  While 73% want to overturn the 2012 RNC rules and return power to the grassroots, only 31% plan on running for a PCP position so that they can vote at their county central committee meetings in 2015 and make that happen.

In the weeks ahead the RLC will post more information on caucus process and the organizational structure of the Republican Party at www.rlccolorado.com to help caucus goers better a better understanding of making changes in the party.


Among participants in our survey, State Senator Greg Brophy was the runaway winner for Governor.  His campaign knew what to do with an on line straw poll,  share!  His supporters demonstrated the passion and networking ability to deliver 38% of the vote for 1st place to their candidate.  Tom Tancredo took 17% and Scott Gessler 16% of the most preferred vote.  22% ranked “someone else/ don’t know” as their first choice.

In scoring overall preference, on a scale of 5 to 1, with 5 being most preferred and 1 least preferred, Greg Brophy scores 3.76 due to the very low number of respondents who give him least preferable.  Scott Gessler scores 3.12 while Tancredo Scores 2.82.  This is largely due to the 28% of poll takers who ranked Tancredo 5th out of all options.  Someone else/ Don’t know scores 2.57.

Of those who rank Brophy number one, 44% ranked Scott Gessler as their second choice, while Steve House and Tom Tancredo each take 23%.


On the Senate side, our poll takers generated a very close result.  One would call it a statistical tie, but its a straw poll!  State Senator Owen Hill takes, 39% of the vote for most preferred.  Weld County District Attorney, Ken Buck takes, 38%.   The preference scores show a somewhat wider margin, Senator Hill scores 3.04 on a scale of 4.  Ken Buck scores 2.93.  Amy Stephens scores 1.86.   *Owen Hill has been endorsed by RLC USA PAC for US Senate.  The PAC has identified this race as one of two key races in the country where liberty Republicans can be advanced to the US Senate.


The Republican Liberty Caucus encourages all Republicans to attend caucus, vote in the straw polls, become delegates and update the party platform so that our commitment to freedom, fiscal sanity and decentralized power shines through.   If we can come together on these core principles we will present a united front against the Democratic Party that pushes police state controls, spending without end and a creepy belief in the beneficence of the central security state.

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5 Responses to “Liberty is Popular” among Republican caucus goers.

  1. Brian says:

    Good! Looks more and more like Republicans are starting to see that LIBERTY is what matters. I also like seeing the new names as the leaders in the race for Governor. We need more new faces, not the same old people who have been in office. I also must remind that there are many Republicans who push for police state controls. John McCain and Lindsey Graham with their NDAA BS.

  2. Art Cool says:

    And Greg Brophy wins yet another poll. He’s the only one who can turn Colorado back to a red state.

  3. Eve490 says:

    Hick is in trouble. Brophy can mobilize his base and unify the party. Colorado dems are scared.

  4. Jennifer Hawkins says:

    To summarize:
    Coloradans want their freedom back.
    Hill and Buck tied for Senate.
    Brophy wins in a runaway.

  5. J_Sheaster says:

    Gessler only got 16%? Wow. I think his goose is cooked.

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