The Affiliation Deadline Straw Poll!

Vote in our Straw Poll!  Here.

No social Hour this month. But we’ll be back in January with some great guests.   For now please participate in our “Affiliation Deadline Straw Poll”.

If you’d like to get involved and you’ve changed your party affiliation (no one would blame you if you did.), you need to re-affiliate as a Republican by January 3rd.  You can change your registration or create a new one here.

As we approach this deadline we want to know how folks feel about going to caucus.  What do you plan to do there?  Vote in the straw poll and head home?  Be elected delegate to your county convention?  Or do  you plan on changing the platform by offering resolutions at your precinct?   Will you make the long term commitment to building a better party by becoming a PCP, with the responsibilities and opportunities that the job entails?

And of course there are the candidates.  Which one has you support and why?  Please participate in our poll and share this link with your friends.

Results and analysis will be published when the poll closes on January 3.  The deadline for party affiliation.  Get your registration updated today.  For Liberty!

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