RLC Colorado gains ground at Colorado GOP #scc

“The Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado is a political action organization dedicated to promoting the principles of individual rights, limited government and free enterprise in Colorado.  We do this by:  .…Encouraging our members to participate in the Republican party organization and promoting membership in RLC among party leadership.” – Plank 3, RLC Colorado Mission Statement.

The Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado was once again present in significant numbers at the Colorado GOP State central committee meeting on Saturday, September 21.  Representing Republicans from counties around the state, RLC members continue to show volunteer leadership in the party and demonstrate that the party is a membership organization open to those who remain organized and dedicated to their principles.

RLC members in attendance were near unanimous in supporting former Douglas County GOP Chairman, Mark  Baisley, in the role of State GOP Vice Chair.  His election to the office over Ruth Ehlers of Mesa County was significant victory for a broad coalition of grassroots activists in Colorado.

RLC members, often accused of causing obstruction and mayhem, once again set a positive example by being principled while remaining polite, consistent while remaining constructive, and focused on political goals rather than petty personal grievances.

Ellyn Hilliard, an RLC member from Boulder County reminded the group, “I urge us to use rules of non-violent communication, by remembering that talking about people, name calling and blaming accusations are the lowest forms of communication.  Conversation about events raises the bar another level and finally talking about ideas is the highest form of discourse.  Please remember that speculation, exaggeration, and the spreading of personal information degrades our reputation as a group.”

The RLC has learned the importance of unity, discipline, coordination and focus when operating in assemblies, conventions and other parliamentary meetings.  Many grassroots activists who are not a part of the RLC sought out our members for help in organizing, communications and research.  It is clear that many of these activists are looking for a banner and a home.  The RLC will continue to expand its infrastructure around party meetings as we pursue our mission of encouraging our members to participate in the Republican Party.

Candidates for US Senate and Governor were also eager to engage the RLC at Saturday’s meeting.   We look forward to talking with them further through our Candidate Review committee.  Our RLC Colorado Board of directors will be making recommendations for endorsement in these offices to our National RLC board at the end of the year.  All candidates are welcome to attend our social events and are provided a short soap box speaking time.  (Event times listed in our side bar at rlccolorado.com).

There remain excellent opportunities to help out these efforts, please email chairman@rlccolorado.com if you would like to volunteer.  And don’t forget to invite liberty lovers to join the RLC Colorado.  http://rlccolorado.com/join-us/

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