Tell Governor Hickenlooper to veto SB252

Governor Hickenlooper ran for office as a business smart centrist Democrat. The Democratically controlled legislature has pushed him to govern as a Denver progressive. This is his chance to show his true colors.

Senate Bill 252 will soon hit his desk for signature. The bill mandates that rural electric cooperatives in Colorado begin using 20% “renewable” energy sources by 2020. Yet the bill does not count hydro-electric power as renewable.  It also ignores the previous operating mandate that these energy providers achieve 10% renewables use by 2020.

This will obviously result in higher utility rates for co-op members but will also hurt businesses who consume power in those areas.  Rural areas of this state have been under attack by the crony capitalist “Green” energy industry for several years. Enough is enough. The Governor should show that he is more than the mayor of Denver. He should veto this centrally planned and scientifically unsound bill.

Tell the Governor “VETO” on SB252!

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