Don’t Rush, Be Happy, and Please Go Home


 Message to the State Legislature from GOP group

MAY 7th, 2013 – DENVER, CO. The State Legislature is set to wrap-up the legislative session this Wednesday, May 8th. Members of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado encourage members of the legislature to JUST VOTE NO on the raft of liberty-destroying bills left on the calendar, pack up things quietly and get back to the reality of their home districts.

“This session, the Democrats have offered to lock you up indefinitely without trial, take your DNA for overdue library books, prevent parents from buying a beer for military aged sons, re-institute marijuana prohibition, and of course raise your taxes and utility rates,” observed Earl Bandy, Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado. “I’ve never been more happy to be on the other side.”

Since January, voters and non-voters have seen the defeat of numerous bills that would exercise the proper role of government: to defend liberty. Consider HB 13-1045, the Colorado Citizen’s Freedom Act, sponsored by members of both parties in both houses. Rep. Jared Wright (R-Fruita) introduced the bill and it was co-sponsored by Sen. Jessie Ulibarri (D-Commerce City). It was, sadly, defeated by procedural maneuvers. In complete disregard for constitutional protections, the Colorado legislature confirmed that people within this state can be locked up forever without trial. It’s the law. From time-to-time, limited government ideals win the hearts and minds of independent, liberty-loving voters concerned about loss of freedom. People should demand more from their elected officials. Voters need to question their candidates on how indefinite detention of Colorado citizens is in defense of liberty. Legislators should explain the procedural maneuvers to voters.

One law that shouldn’t have been passed – and needs some explaining – was the new Undercover Secret Federal Police law, SB 13-013. Colorado legislators outsourced law enforcement to Washington. This law gives secret undercover federal agents powers over your local elected sheriff. The bill was introduced and co-sponsored by Sen. King, Aguilar, Heath, Jones, Todd, Morse; also Rep. McCann, Buckner, Fields, Hamner, Hullinghorst, Pabon, Rosenthal, Schafer, and signed into law on April 19th by Governor Hickenlooper. It is flatly un-constitutional.

Also left in tatters this session were numerous free market solutions of government not picking winners and- losers, fixing prices, tax-stamping and other such dangerous practices that destroy jobs and hurt economic opportunities for all people. The use of force needs to withstand considerably more scrutiny than was exercised by two (2) branches of government over this legislative session.

Members of the third branch – judges and jurors – need to exercise their duty to check this overreach of power. In several questions of law, jurors will need to be more fully-informed of their rights to nullify bad laws. Judges need not stop defense attorneys from advocating for pardons by jury trials. Or, more broadly, government employees should choose to be allowed to take their oath to uphold the Constitution seriously, with all the limits on power that it provides for in plain text. “Enough laws already,” added RLC member Nick Lundberg, expressing his mantra.

Colorado Charter of the Republican Liberty Caucus

Contact: Chris Maj, Media Relations Director

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