Rep Jared Wright opposes Federal Law enforcement expansion.

Representative Jared Wright vigorously opposed Senate Bill 13-013.  See his comments:

While debating SB13 today, granting Colorado peace officer (POST)
status to US Secret Service agents, I began to think about the “free
speech zones” the USSS constructs in areas the president will be
visiting in the name of security. Here is a picture of a “free speech
cage” built in the area of the 2004 Democratic National Convention
which protesters were forced to stand behind to practice their First
Amendment rights.


And now, Colorado legislators just blindly granted
more powers of arrest for “state felony AND misdemeanor crimes
committed in an agent’s presence” to the Secret Service working in our
state – even though the Secret Service themselves told me their making
an arrest of a Colorado citizen for a misdemeanor crime unrelated to
their duties would violate their own policy guidelines. So why are we
giving the Secret Service authority that violates the agency’s own
internal policies? Why didn’t the red flag go up for a majority of the
members of the House? Last I checked, we were elected to represent
Colorado citizens, not the federal government. Shame on members of the
law enforcement community who supported this measure. They have
willingly given up their own and their citizen’s 10th Amendment
Constitutional rights in the name of possibly lightening their

A complete list of yeas and naes will follow shortly.

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