Implementing Amendment 64 the Republican Way

Press Release:

RLCCO A64 Letter Press Release 2

The implementation of Amendment 64 represents a historic opportunity for the Colorado Republican party to grow its message of small government to a much larger audience. This particular legislative session will require great efforts at reigning in the regulatory reflex of the Democratic Party in favor of federalism and individual liberty as supported by the Republican Party.

The Governor and many appointed members of his Amendment 64 Task Force were staunch opponents of the Amendment. They represent entrenched bureaucratic interests that prefer the old set of laws, including the use of force rather than voluntary exchange and cooperation better suited to a free people.

The RLCCO has issued an open letter to Senator Vicki Marble (R,SD23) and Representative Dan Nordberg (R,HD14). These two legislators are the Republican appointees to the Governor’s Amendment 64 implementation Task Force. Our letter outlines principles, policy positions, and additional legislation that will allow for Amendment 64 to be implemented in a Republican way; encouraging localism, entrepreneurship, low regulatory burdens and limiting taxation, while resisting state surveillance and government-imposed discrimination in banking and reporting. This is a chance to make an affirmative case that Republican principles are consistent with the will of the voters of Colorado. The GOP should lead in crafting legislation to put those principles into law.

RLCCO Letter Re: A64 Task Force

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