Anti NDAA bill passes committee in Colorado House.

UPDATE:  2/18.  3:45 PM.   The Colorado House Committee on State, Veterans and Military Affairs has PASSED 13-1045.  It now moves on to the full house.  From Rep. Wright,
“The Colorado Citizen’s Freedom Act – state NDAA nullification passes committee 7-4! Thank you Democrat Representatives Salazar, Labuda & Moreno for your votes.  Now the bill is headed to the House floor.  Looking forward to getting it passed and sending it over to the Senate for the very able Senator Jessie Ulibarri to take the flag and run with it.”

Thank You to all of you who have called or written to your representatives.  Now is now time to let up.  Each Rep will get to vote.   So they each need a phone call from you!

End Update.

Thank you so much for your response in support of Colorado House Hill 13-1045. The bill, sponsored by Republican Representative Jared Wright (R,HD54), prohibits the use of Colorado resources in enforcing the odious and unconstitutional provisions of the National Defense Authorization act of 2011.

This week several members of the Republican Liberty Caucus testified in favor of the bill before the House Committee on State, Veterans and Military Affairs. This committee will vote on the bill on Monday morning, February 18th.

Please call your representative in the Colorado House, especially if they serve on this committee. Remind them that this is an important “civil liberties” issue.

The members of the committee are the following:

Committee Members
Su Ryden, Chair (D,HD36, Arapahoe Co ) (303) 866-2942
Joe Salazar, Vice-Chair (D,HD31, Adams Co) (303) 866-2918
Tim Dore (R,HD64, SE Colorado) (303) 866-2398
Mike Foote (D,HD12, Boulder Co) (303) 866-2920
Steve Humphrey (R,HD48 Weld Co) (303) 866-2943
Jeanne Labuda (D,HD1, Denver) (303) 866-2966
Jovan Melton (D, HD41, Arapahoe Co) (303) 866-2919
Dominick Moreno (D, HD32, Adams Co) (303) 866-2964
Dan Nordberg (R, HD14, El Paso) (303) 866-2965
Ray Scott (R,HD55, Mesa Co) (303) 866-3068
Angela Williams (D,HD7, Denver) (303) 866-2909
The directory for the Colorado House is found here:  Directory

Please call as soon as possible and ask for a “YES” vote on Colorado House Bill 13-1045.

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