Bonus Member? What the heck is that?

You may have heard a lot of talk lately about becoming a “Bonus member”.    Nope, nothing to do with credit card rewards programs.  Its about who runs the Republican Party.  Bonus member positions are rewards offered to the various County GOP committees for turnout in the previous election cycle.

For lovers of liberty seeking to raise their voice in the party this is an essential role to consider.

A bonus member to the State GOP is a voting position on the State GOP Central Committee with a two-year term.   Members of the Central Committee are required to attend three meetings of the State GOP Central Committee within the two year term.  The first meeting of the new Central Committee is scheduled for March 2, 2013 at Cherry Creek High School.

Why seek election as a bonus member?

  • GOP leadership is held accountable by the grass-roots; this is one way of doing it from a local level.  The State Central Committee elects the Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary of the Colorado GOP!
  • It provides an opportunity to learn the structure and organization of the Party; a great place to continue to learn and grow and contribute
  • This is a way to remain active and build the Party at all times
  • This position accommodates a busy schedule; a person can commit and follow through with their responsibility and contribute to the Party without compromising their employment/family commitments.

Who can run for Bonus member?

Any registered Republican.

How do I run?

You must attend your County Central Committee meeting and be elected.   Specific procedures vary from county to county.  Contact to be put in touch with a leader in your county who can give more details.

Most of the above information applies to Congressional District bonus members who are voting members of the Congressional District Central Committee and elect leadership overseeing the nomination process for Congressional Candidates.

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