The Legislature is now is Session

The 2013 Legislature is now in session.  Its a dangerous time for the cause of liberty.  The first batch of bills is a grab bag of government expansion.  But there are a few items to give hope.  Among these is House Bill 13-1045, which prohibits state agencies or employees from assisting in the enforcement of the unconstitutional and unlawful provisions of the dreaded NDAA of 2012.   The bill is sponsored in the house by Republican Rep.  Jared Right.

Also, sadly, we find a bill sponsored by Republican Senator King,  which would make “peace officers” out of Secret Service employees in the every district in the state of Colorado.   They could arrest a person they felt threatened person or property and turn them over to local police.  Yikes!  That bill is SB 13-013.

A special thanks to the Principles of Liberty which keeps a sharp eye on all things involving the state legislature.  Check out their synopsis of the bills so far.

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