RLC Colorado Statement on RNC Rules changes

As Colorado Republicans prepare for county Central Committee meetings around the state it is very important to become aware of the changes made to our party’s governing structure at the National Convention this summer.  Of particular concern to many grassroots organizations and activists are the changes that allow the national committee to change rules in between conventions and rules that dictate how states must allocate and bind their delegates to future national conventions .  The RLC of Colorado is opposed to these changes and will remain vigilant against threats to Colorado’s well run caucus system.

Attached is the Resolution adopted by our board.  RLCCO Resolution on Rules

You will also a version of the resolution in Word format so that you can download and edit for yourself.  A Resolution regarding RNC rules changes

Please discuss your concerns with you county chair and let them know you would like to present the resolution at your county central committee meeting which will be held in the first two weeks of February 2013.  The Republican Party is run by members.  Together we can resist this attempt to convert the party into a top down highly centralized organization.


Here is an excellent breakdown of the final rules changes “adopted” at the 2012 RNC Convention.  The analysis was prepared by the Colorado members of the Rules Committee.

RNC Rules_Changes and Comparison_Final_9.7.12

For the complete Story of how these changes were made view this short piece from Rules Committee Member Dudley Brown:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bcURbFWfMc

For a longer and very thorough discussion of the issues please see this piece featuring Morton Blackwell, whose Republican credentials are unquestioned.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMEXW1_7ewc

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One Response to RLC Colorado Statement on RNC Rules changes

  1. Ask our Colorado RNC members Ryan Call, Lilly Nunez and Mike Kopp how they voted on these Rules changes and why. Our RNC members from each state are now responsible for Rules administration and/or changes for the next four years.

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