Statement of Support for Amendment 64

The RLC of Colorado has approved the following statement for General release:


Prohibition inconsistent with Republican values

Denver, Colorado (October 17, 2012) – The following statement of support has been issued by the Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) of Colorado.

At this year’s Denver County Republican convention, more than half the delegates in attendance voted in favor of a resolution calling for the party to support a Yes vote on Amendment 64, that Marijuana should be regulated like Alcohol.  While a two thirds vote required to adopt the resolution was not achieved, the vote should cause Republicans to consider wether regulation rather than prohibition is more republican position.

The Republican Liberty Caucus believes that the way to grow our party and appeal to independents is to embrace our values.  The core value of the Republican Party is personal responsibility.  Personal responsibility means holding individuals responsible for the actions they take rather than the words they use, the thoughts they think or the products they consume.  Personal responsibility means that a person who enjoys alcohol or marijuana without harming others is no criminal.  Where as a person who commits violence or destroys property should be punished regardless of their state of sobriety.  Restraining the rights of all because of fear of a few bad actors is the very opposite of personal responsibility.  It is collectivism.

Personal responsibility applies to adults.  A person who sells marijuana to children is a disgusting criminal today and would, rightly, remain so under Amendment 64.  Imagine if some of the tens of millions of dollars spent by Colorado to punish non-violent adults were redirected towards punishing those who prey on children.

Some will say that Republicans should oppose Amendment 64 because marijuana is illegal under federal law.  What a very unrepublican idea!  Defending the people of Colorado from federal overreach is a fight Colorado Republicans should embrace.  As our party argued so strenuously during the healthcare debate, the federal government is limited by the enumerated powers of the constitution and the commerce clause is to be viewed narrowly.  There is no argument in the cannon of conservative thought that justifies federal control of marijuana.  Indeed, respected conservatives thinkers like William F Buckley, Milton Friedman and conservative Christian Pat Robertson have all agreed that the federal war on marijuana should stop.

When our party is true its principals we are the party of freedom.  We, as Republicans, have a tremendous opportunity to stand for personal responsibility, fiscal sanity and federalism by voting Yes on 64.  It’s the Republican thing to do.

The Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado is a political action organization dedicated to promoting the ideals of individual rights, limited government and free enterprise within the Republican Party and the state of Colorado.  We are an all volunteer grassroots organization.  Our Colorado chapter chartered in 2011.

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